We hope you stay safe and healthy. There’s no need to write much about what we are experiencing on a local and global scale. So many things have already been written, many more are been written daily, and way more will be written in the future. We praise for an optimistic scenario, with minimized life loss, and a return to this new edition of everyday reality that awaits for us all, once this pandemic is over. Maybe everything will be different, maybe all things will remain the same. Most likely it will be something in between. The one certain thing is that a redesign will be essential in an individual, collective, social and economic level. From our side, as ADD, we watch carefully all developments before they reach the front line in our country and we have been examining all possible scenarios for the realization of the festival. Of course it would be ideal for us to have the 3rd edition of ADD go ahead as planned, for the end of May. But this is obviously not an option now, so we have spent the last few weeks doing some redesigning of our own.

For us, ADD is a celebration which every year we want to symbolically signal the beginning of summer. This year it won’t be like that. #ADD20 will signal the end of the summer, hoping that what we experience these days, will be a distant memory. Hoping that terms like ‘asymptomatic’ and ‘underlying diseases’ will never again enter our daily vocabulary. Hoping that the practice of ’social distancing’ in the future will only take place upon individual desire.

After holding marathon talks will all our associates involved, but mostly the artists who would perform this coming May at ADD, we concluded to an optimal scenario, which includes almost all initially announced artists, plus some new ones. The only dates that this could happen, were Friday 2 and Saturday 3 October 2020. Mark down your calendars and join us to farewell the weirdest summer we have ever lived.

(Good thing is that after the end of #ADD20, we won’t have to wait a whole year for the next edition. #ADD21 will be only 8 months away!)

All presale tickets are transferred automatically for October.

Final lineup and more information will be announced soon.

#StayADDicted #StaySafe

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