A collaboration between three of Paris underground’s hottest exports, 2012 saw the launch of Apollonia, the imprint and DJ outfit from Shonky, Dan Ghenacia and Dyed Soundorom.
Presenting a back2back2back spectaculaire, Apollonia DJ together for extended sets of five hours or more, following a strict one-record-each concept for the full duration of the show.
Bringing their three-way performance to only the most infamous clubs and parties around the world, some of their favourite annual events include DC10 Ibiza, Panorama Bar Berlin, Timewarp, Sonus festival, Sunwaves, Awakenings, Fabric London, for whom they mixed fabric 70 of the renowned compilation series and Amnesia, Ibiza, where they made their debut at the infamous club’s opening party in May 2014.
Often referred to as one of the underground scene’s best-known supergroups, Apollonia maintain a unsurpassed level of DJing and performance while also receiving universal respect from their peers in the industry and fans alike. All done with smiles on their faces and a constant sense of fun. They remain one of the industry’s most popular teams and deservedly so…

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Charlotte de Witte