KOSTADiS is the experimental solo project of Kostadis Michail. Spine-chilling soundscapes created by live electronics, junk pedals, tapes, ribbon devices, and voices. His live performances are based on a free improvised electroacoustic spiritual escape. He has shared the stage with many musicians and bands such as Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Son Lux, Father Murphy, Id M Theft Able, Turbo Teeth, Panos Alexiadis, Bill Anagnos. Kostadis multi-instrumentalism abilities have shredded via different bands like Wham Jah, Sclavos, In Trance 95 & Acid Baby Jesus.
KOSTADIS’s most highlighted performances include the internationally acclaimed (New York Times article) “634 minutes inside a volcano” in 2016, the sound installation of the large scale video “1095°C” in collaboration with sound designer Pavlos Gkousios for the Benaki Museum, and his collaboration with light designer Stella Kaltsou for the SNFCC produced series “Microclimata”.
KOSTADIS last album “FRAGMENTS” emerges at dusk, within the damp textures of a composite, dense vegetation: a fictive invention orchestrated within the echoes of pebbles, magpies, wind and water – sound waves reflected from a distant childhood.