Massimiliano Pagliara

Massimiliano Pagliara was born in Tricase (Lecce) in the deep south of Italy. Αs a child he listened to diverse types of music: rap, classical, reggae, dub and 60s rock’n’roll. Upon moving to Milan in 1997, he earned his diploma in theatre, dance and choreography. While discovering the fashionable and alternative club scene of the city, his imagination was captured by experimental electronic music such as Aphex Twin, Boards Of Canada, Autechre and Mira Calix. Naturally these avant-garde sounds eventually found their way into Massi’s original body of work.

After finishing school he ventured to Berlin, where he continued his studies in contemporary dance, but also dived into the city’s explosive techno nightlife. Massi’s interest in electronic music found its peak in 2003 when he finally began to pursue DJing with a passion.Ever since he’s been spinning records across the world as well as some of the most popular underground venues in Germany – among them Tape Club, SchwuZ, Tresor,://about blank, Robert Johnson, and of course Berghain / Panorama Bar, where he holds a residency.

Massi describes his style as an eclectic mix of house, disco, electro and techno – one may call it current-yet-classic. DJing has since led to production. 2011 saw the release of his debut album Focus For Infinity (on Live At Robert Johnson), followed by his sophomore LP With One Another in 2014. February 2017 saw his debut release on Ostgut Ton with the EP Time And Again. Since then, Massi has worked on various EPs, remixes, single track, all culminating in the late 2018 release of his third full- length solo album, titled Feel Live.

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